The day Queen Elizabeth died: the inside story of her final hours

On September 8th, the meticulous plans that had been put in place for Queen Elizabeth II’s death were executed flawlessly, surprising many. Despite regular updates, not everything could be anticipated. Balmoral Castle, with its intimate layout compared to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, was a favorite of the late queen. Its private quarters and official offices were close together, meaning that few at Balmoral would have been unaware of the momentous events unfolding on the morning of September 8th as the queen’s life quietly ebbed away.
Just two days before, the queen had appointed her 15th and final British prime minister, Liz Truss, while leaning heavily on a stick but with her familiar smile in place. However, an announcement just after 6pm on the following evening that the queen was postponing a virtual privy council meeting on the advice of doctors was concerning. The imminent death of a sovereign is a major constitutional matter, and No 10 would have been alerted immediately about the queen’s deteriorating condition. Simon Case, the cabinet secretary, and Sir Edward Young, the queen’s private secretary, would serve as the pivotal liaison between the palace and Downing Street during this time.

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